Is your summer marketing campaign fully primed to take advantage of the season? If you’re located in the Midwest or a similar climate, then you know about the power of seasons. But it may mean taking additional measures to entice your target audience before fall arrives.

1. Warm Weather Events Make Excellent Branding Opportunities

The first step in a marketer’s summer campaign should be to prepare themed merchandise to coincide with seasonal events. In many parts of the country, the number of in-person gatherings spikes exponentially in June, and so do opportunities for capitalizing on concerts, parades, street parties, water activities, and outdoor sporting events.

2. Branded, Outdoor-Themed Giveaways Are Simple and Effective

Your business doesn’t have to align specifically with a branded product to use it to your advantage. You might be surprised at the number of low-cost goods that can carry your company name, convey a good time, and help create lasting memories. Just a few examples of summer-themed marketing merchandise HYPTE could hook you up with include:

  • SPF lip balm
  • Wide-brimmed hats
  • Summer apparel
  • Refreshing beverages
  • Hand-held fans
  • Water bottles
  • Bottle openers

Want to boost your ROI? Use co-branded items with the world’s most popular logos on them.

3. Where Will Your Target Audience Be This Summer?

Not everyone experiences summer the same way. Smart brands give people more ways to celebrate and enjoy life wherever they are. Spotify knew this last year when they launched their “bummer summer” campaign, aiming playlists of moody tunes at Gen Zers.

As always, keep your target market in mind. Spotify’s campaign captured the essence of a specific generation tied to a desirable audience. It wasn’t just the catchy name that helped boost their strategy, but the fact that music accompanies young people everywhere they go – especially in warm weather months.

4. Summertime Consumers Want to Be Entertained & Engaged

Look for opportunities to incorporate interactive tactics. One significant branding trend has been through experiential marketing, creating an experience that makes people want to know more about your brand. In a LEGO store, this might translate to a workshop setting that allows customers to build their own LEGO creations. Retail brands in particular are rethinking floor designs that involve customers instead of simply advertising to them. If there’s a way you can incorporate an engaging outdoor display – even better.

5. Create Virtual Summer Experiences Through Social Media

Not every company has a storefront. If not, those experiences you’re creating may need to take place virtually, and social media will play a vital role in making that happen. Encouraging people to share live experiences as “stories” on Instagram or Facebook is more fun for consumers than telling them what to buy.

Additionally, no matter where a campaign takes place, there are ways to weave it into your social media calendar. As always, show, don’t tell. Displaying your Insta or Twitter handle alongside a branded hashtag to coincide with an event will get people to spread the word.

6. Get Out and Leverage Local Business Partnerships

What makes your business unique? Find local businesses that want to promote one another mutually by sharing leads. There are hundreds of professional networking groups in any large city with meet-and-greets in full force this time of year. If you’re not taking advantage of all that networking energy, you’re missing out on potential business leads.

7. Include Lasting Barcodes or Tags for Affiliate Partners

Once you’ve established some helpful business relationships to leverage during your campaign, be sure to implement tools that will boost those ties. For example, long-lasting barcodes or pixel tags for your affiliate partners is a simple but effective way to build on your successes. These types of tools are becoming fairly ubiquitous in society, even among older consumers. Set them up so that referrals will be active for long periods of time to make these two-way relationships worthwhile.

HYPTE Branded Solutions Creates Cool Summer Merchandise + Fun Business Experiences

If anything has a vibe, it’s summer. The digital marketing experts at HYPTE Branded Solutions will help you inject the right vibe into your summer marketing campaign, whether through targeted events, e-commerce channels, social media, or something else entirely.

Contact HYPTE for help at any stage of your marketing campaign. Call us at 708-343-9730 today to get started!

If making a positive lasting impression with customers feels elusive, it’s probably time to focus your efforts somewhere else. There are efficient ways to make good impressions at every stage of the business cycle, but it can be challenging to recognize these opportunities and then act to take advantage of them.

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a specific moment that can be tied to an engaging event and put your name in front of a whole new audience of prospective customers. For all the moments in between, keep in mind five rules of thumb that can help shine a better light on a struggling brand.

1. Show Customers You Learn From Your Mistakes

It has been said that people remember how others make them feel much longer than they remember what was said to them. Apply that philosophy to your brand’s behavior and you will master at least part of your game – and retain loyal customers. Everyone makes mistakes. So do companies. What customers don’t forgive is a brand that refuses to learn or improve.

There are plenty of real-world cautionary tales of avoidable branding missteps that can serve as teachable moments for the rest of us. Unnecessary brand reinventions. Tone deaf attempts at advertising. Remember Juicero’s failed foray into juice-squeezing technology? It could have been walked back had the company recognized its error. Instead of digging your heels in when times get tough, show potential and current customers that you get it and are willing to evolve when the chance presents itself.

2. Get Professional Help from a Marketing Expert

One common mistake that businesses with limited resources make is trying to do all of their marketing and advertising under one roof. They overlook the power of outsourcing in today’s world, not realizing that handing over these time-consuming tasks frees up hours they can use to expand on what they already do well.

A whole range of solutions can help create and maintain the impression you want, which is why more companies are employing the services of a qualified branding professional to fill in the gaps. When you partner with HYPTE, you get more than marketing assistance. You outsource a range of tasks to experts that would otherwise become major distractions:

  • Branding Services
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Merchandise Development
  • Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Logo Design
  • Logistics

3. Use Branded Merchandise and Experiences More Creatively

Hoping to save money, companies will often select cheap product manufacturers to produce caps, totes, and other branded merchandise, unaware of what they want and need. The problem is that expectations have risen in this area. Savvy consumers can tell when businesses cut corners by ordering cheap T-shirts, useless trinkets and other substandard products.

An experienced branding expert knows which methods can help businesses outshine the competition. Combining humor, a multilayered approach, and unique, memorable ideas is one way to accomplish that. Take a look at how HYPTE used branded motorized scooters and leveraged its relationships with the media to promote Coors Light during one campaign. It’s that level of professional creativity that companies need to strive for if they want their campaigns to make a splash instead of a whimper.

4. Improve Your Customer Service: Be a Leader

As much as customers want to be heard, they appreciate and need leadership – more than you might think. According to one analysis reported in the Wall Street Journal, the vast majority of shoppers preferred customer service reps who were “outspoken and opinionated,” qualities that the same study showed are almost always overlooked during the hiring process. You are the expert in what you offer, and your target audience needs to see that as well.

5. Consult with HYPTE About Better Marketing Solutions for Your Brand

Cool new swag can often be a fun, cost-effective way to stay top of mind. But at HYPTE Branded Solutions, we recognize that a lot more goes into discerning what your needs are and what combination of methods are a match for your long-term goals. That’s why each project starts with a thorough consultation to find out as much as we can about each specific client.

Contact HYPTE online for more information about what we offer, or talk to a branding specialist at 708-343-9730 today to find out how your future campaigns can leave the impression you’ve always wanted for your brand.

When it comes to experiential brand marketing, engagement is the name of the game. That’s why all kinds of brands today are discovering the power of events and other popular, interactive ways to get noticed.

Businesses Celebrating Their Brands

Certain brands have enough cache that it feels like an event when a new product or generation of one is announced. But the truth is, anytime people are using a space connected to a particular brand they’re having an experience, whether they’re interacting with the Geek Squad at a Best Buy, testing products at Apples stores, or working virtually from a Starbucks. Any fun event combined with the announcement of a new service or store location will get your fans involved in a more emotional way than, say, a typical TV ad or email.

The Power of Experience in Marketing

In reality, experiential marketing isn’t exactly new. It’s just that brands are becoming much savvier about how they can immerse potential consumers in a way that can have a huge impact on business. However, while the data on experiential marketing show a higher success rate than other approaches, not every experience is guaranteed to deliver a desirable outcome. Businesses can boost their odds by using the services of a qualified branding professional to create experiential campaigns that are most likely to succeed.

Creative Events That Leave a Positive Impression with Customers

At this point, marketers commonly incorporate some form of experiential advertising in their campaigns. What’s changing is the variety of paths that businesses take to ensure they leave an impression. Some effective ways you can create interactive branded experiences include:

  1. Celebrating milestones big and small
  2. Conducting online workshops and events
  3. Hosting contests and flash sales on social media
  4. Handing out swag at events and festivals
  5. Doing demos in public spaces
  6. Offering samples at local stores
  7. Taking advantage of special days from Earth Day to the Fourth

Keep in mind: the power of these types of experiences will lie in the small moments that leave lasting, positive associations with your name and your key messages.

A Presence in Public Spaces

Where is your target audience? Brands ranging from dating apps to branches of the military find ways to set up shop on university campuses to drive awareness. And there’s a reason for this. According to the website G2, 91% of consumers would be “more inclined to purchase a brand’s product or service after participating in a brand activation or experience.” Many respondents also reported feeling “more loyal” to brands once they’ve participated in something, which says a lot about the power of getting potential consumers more involved in any way you can.

How Experiential Branding Expert HYPTE Creates Success for Clients

There is a wide gap between events that create a splash and those that don’t. This is why HYPTE Branded Solutions has had the fortune of providing solutions for a roster of impressive brand names. Our team understands that words like “branding” and “experience” can be abstract when it comes to making real-world plans. For a bit more clarity, check out some examples of the highly creative and interactive approach to branding we have achieved for clients in the past:

  1. Creating ingenious bottle openers for Dos Equis that enticed customers at bars
  2. Helping BBC America rebrand a new show in a fun and engaging way
  3. Generating buzz through motorized “cooler scooters” for Coors Light
  4. Creating a variety of swag used at a Los Angeles Dodgers fan convention
  5. Producing tents, table covers, flags and custom changing tables for a Pampers event

Talk to the Specialists at HYPTE for the Best Experiential Marketing Solutions

As you can see, there’s no one way to be experiential. It requires a combination of processes to create the kinds of experiences that will match your messaging. At HYPTE Branded Solutions, we start by getting to know you, the client, and diving into your needs and business goals. Then we think outside of the box to produce highly innovative ideas that will tap into whatever it takes to create new fans. Contact HYPTE online, or talk to a branding specialist at 708-343-9730 about the best ways to start creating experiential branding today.

Think your branded merchandise doesn’t matter? Think again. Positive associations with even small memorabilia can have a surprisingly lasting and positive impact on how people view your business. Consumers themselves overwhelmingly believe a “promotional product is a great way to stand out from other advertising efforts,” according to a recent Gitnux study. They hold onto these items and “feel more positively about a brand after receiving promotional products from that brand.”

Top choices these days include fun yet practical items such as:

  • Clothing
  • Kitchen products
  • Umbrellas
  • Promotional bags
  • Mugs and other drinkware
  • Magnets

For some insight into what makes for successful branded merchandise, take a peek at the most relevant qualities that can help you build a loyal and engaged following:

High Quality Apparel

Always popular, it’s no surprise that apparel continues to be the number one type of branded merchandise. However, as the stakes get higher the quality of your apparel needs to be top notch. The days are gone when you could slap a logo on a plain, white T and call it a day. You need assurance of an appealing style, on-brand messaging, and superior look and feel before allowing any wearable products out the door.

Flash Buys

Looking for a more interactive way to generate enthusiasm and create a sense of exclusivity around your product? According to Popupsmart, “56% of businesses receive higher click-to-open rates from flash sales emails compared to their yearly rate. 50% of purchases occur during the first hour of a flash sale.” Spontaneous, short-term sales are a great way to take advantage of digitized marketing, as well as to make acquiring something new more fun and engaging for the consumer.

Sustainable Items

Anything showing you have your finger on the pulse of larger societal trends will make your brand stand out as fresh and in touch with average customers. One area that has grown exponentially is in sustainable products.

But consumers are more savvy than ever and won’t get sucked into a company’s “green” initiatives if their promises seem empty. It’s increasingly important to showcase your values, whatever they are. And you can appeal especially to younger demographics with items such as reusable straws, compostable bags, and anything else that shows you are on the cutting edge of environmentalism.

Products That Support Newer Technology

Remember when branded mouse pads were all the rage? That same idea needs to be updated to show you are in the know when it comes to technology. And considering the wide range of tech accessories, more companies are replacing those thumb drives with webcam covers, earbuds, and other helpful items prospective buyers can take on the road.

More Customization

One sure way to distinguish yourself from the masses is with carefully customized branded products that specifically match your company’s messaging. What this means is injecting a level of detailed creativity that make your branded goods stand out, whether through:

  1. High-end materials
  2. Textures and engraved messages
  3. Select colors
  4. Original designs

The extensive range of ways to tailor products these days is unprecedented. And more companies are discovering that to grow they need branded merchandise that distinguishes themselves from their competitors, from custom products to better packaging. A branding expert will learn about your business to craft unique ideas that reflect your individual voice, values, style and messaging.

Co-Branding, or Brand Collaborations with Popular, Recognizable Names

Being associated with universally recognized, popular name brands is a surefire way to increase your visibility. For over twenty years, Hypte Branded Solutions has helped thousands of clients target their ideal audience through swag carrying the logos of Patagonia, the NFL, Lululemon and more. To get the most bang for your buck, partner with an experienced branded solutions firm such as Hypte that can provide a wide range of options.

Consult with Branding Experts at HYPTE for the Best Merchandising Solutions

Investing in name brand items is one of the smartest decisions a growing business can make today. You are sure to impress when your specialized form of branded merch comes with a Nike or Ralph Lauren logo – as part of a broader solution provided by HYPTE Branded Solutions.

Contact HYPTE online, or talk to a branding specialist at 708-343-9730 about the best ways to target your branded merchandise to your ideal audience.

It would be hard to deny the impact Nike’s ad campaigns have had on girls’ and women’s interest levels in sports, and in turn on the brand itself. It started with their women-centric “Just do it” ads in the 1990s. That’s when the sportswear behemoth linked sports involvement to positive life outcomes for girls – a little known issue at the time – and opened the doors to new ways other companies would spread their own messages.

March is Women’s History Month (International Women’s Day was on March 8). To get the juices flowing for your next campaign, take a look at some of the most successful ways companies appeal to women during this time, as well as throughout the year.

1. Shifting Outdated Perceptions About Girls and Women

Nike didn’t just create ads of women jogging or girls playing soccer. The company took a risk by bringing up facts that went far beyond the topic of sports – including timely social trends. This allowed them to appear edgy and instigate conversations that created buzz.

2. Incorporating High Quality Branded Merchandise & Apparel

Since those early Nike ads, the ways other brands have appealed to women have grown exponentially. With the help of social media, high-quality merchandise and more branding opportunities, there are countless possible approaches to messaging. A qualified brand strategist like HYPTE will help you find unique opportunities to promote your services that are innovative and within your budget. One effective way we can do that is by combining your logo with brands like Nike to help expand your audience.

3. Remembering History

People love to learn about strong, inspirational and fascinating women past and present, from Eleanor Roosevelt to Malala Yousafzai. This approach is straightforward and fairly simple to pursue along with other brand strategies to share your message.

4. Working with Influencers to Land Prime Brand Collaborations

This one is evergreen and increasingly good to know. As Influencer Marketing Hub noted recently, “Analyzing sponsored posts on Instagram, 84% of them were posted by female influencers while only 16% were posted by male influencers.” The trend in influencer marketing is only growing, and March might be the perfect opportunity to jump on this women-led bandwagon.

5. Expanding Their Appeal

A solid tactic for gaining followers is to try to expand your appeal while also aiming at your target audience. Those Nike ads didn’t just attract girls. They were successful because they appealed to parents, sports lovers, and everyone else who cares about outcomes for young people.

6. Showcasing Female Voices from Within Their Own Brand

Mercedes-Benz made a splash last year when they showcased the voices of specific women, including their Tel Aviv Tech Centre CEO and Saudi Arabia’s first female race car driver. When your brand makes use of its own inspiring female voices, this makes you seem more authentic – which is essential to modern-day marketing – while also gaining the trust of potential female fans.

7. Touting Their Accomplishments

The video Mercedes-Benz released didn’t shy away from “the company’s goal to have 30% of women in senior management by 2030.” What goals is your company pursuing – and what have you already accomplished that could be used in your promotions?

8. Challenging Negative Stereotypes – and Starting Conversations

Remember that Always “like a girl” campaign that went viral overnight? They cleverly took a familiar phrase and turned it upside down to challenge a common stereotype. Even if everyone wasn’t a fan, it spread like wildfire because it was such a popular conversation starter. Even the brand may not have anticipated the tens of millions of viewers it would get on social media sites.

Consult with Branding Experts at HYPTE About Full-Service Solutions

At HYPTE Branded Solutions we provide a wide range of strategies to assist our clients, whether they’re aiming to reach a female audience or simply want to take their brand to the next level. How do we do this?:

Contact HYPTE online or call us at 708-343-9730 to discuss other ways we can help you reach your target audience.

The recent spike in branded events reflects a growing need for reliable, high-quality solutions accompanied by the best merchandise to promote your name. But with so many unknown players in the advertising and marketing industry, it can be difficult to find a partner that will collaborate with you to take your campaign to the next level.

So, where do you start? By looking for the qualities that will prove most vital to your success:

1. Quality Control

Never underestimate the role of quality in creating new fans. A partner worthy of your trust should demonstrate the highest standards, from design to production. Every growing organization at some point will need help producing items connected to their mission or corporate identity. Three common ones are:

  • Promotional souvenirs
  • Business gift items
  • Event concepts and swag

An image that doesn’t meet expectations on a mug or keychain is more than enough to create doubt in what you’ve worked hard to accomplish, including everything your brand does right.

2. Ability to Create Memorable Experiences

At its center, branding is about creating memorable experiences, and that extends to any merchandise woven into an event. Your partner should share this philosophy and know how to implement a positive brand experience at every level.

3. History of Excellence

An experienced branded solutions provider will be able to demonstrate an impressive history of successful, one-of-a-kind campaigns. There are thousands of start-up advertisers that may tempt you with big promises or a flashy website. But further exploration will let you know whether they can deliver. As always, the devil is in the details. Find out:

  1. How many years have they been in operation?
  2. Do they have a roster of impressive clients?
  3. Are they supported by a staff of skilled professionals?
  4. What range of expertise have they demonstrated in the past?
  5. Can they provide a portfolio of diverse branding projects?
  6. Can they manage every aspect of your project, from inception to delivery?

A high-quality service provider will be proud of their past projects and open to discussing their approach with you.

4. Wide Range of Creative Skills

The best results will come from a partner with expansive creative abilities. An exploration of the services offered on their website will let you know if what you’re being offered is standard, run-of-the-mill fare or something unique that will be created by a team of innovators. Most important, you want access to the kinds of projects that take a lot of creative imagination and branding expertise to generate.

5. Turnkey Branding Solutions

Why hire a different company for each stage of a project when you can work with a team that will handle everything for you? Trying to manage every detail on your own can hold you back from important tasks that enable your business to grow. The right branded merchandise partner won’t merely get the packaging and shipping handled properly and on time. They will also be able to create solutions that build emotional connections and expand target audiences.

6. Communication & Accessibility

When exploring your options, find out how each company handles communication with their clients. How much time will they put in up front to ensure satisfaction in the end results? The right partner should be open to communication and accessible when you need them should any questions arise.

Consult with Branding Experts at HYPTE About Full-Service Solutions

HYPTE Branded Solutions is staffed with a team of experts to help clients create exciting concepts that align with their values and mission. Our turnkey approach allows you to kick back while we handle whatever your company requires:

  • Branded Merchandise
  • Print Production
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Warehouse Fulfillment & Logistics

Contact HYPTE online or call us at 708-343-9730 to discuss better ways to grow your brand!