When it comes to experiential brand marketing, engagement is the name of the game. That’s why all kinds of brands today are discovering the power of events and other popular, interactive ways to get noticed.

Businesses Celebrating Their Brands

Certain brands have enough cache that it feels like an event when a new product or generation of one is announced. But the truth is, anytime people are using a space connected to a particular brand they’re having an experience, whether they’re interacting with the Geek Squad at a Best Buy, testing products at Apples stores, or working virtually from a Starbucks. Any fun event combined with the announcement of a new service or store location will get your fans involved in a more emotional way than, say, a typical TV ad or email.

The Power of Experience in Marketing

In reality, experiential marketing isn’t exactly new. It’s just that brands are becoming much savvier about how they can immerse potential consumers in a way that can have a huge impact on business. However, while the data on experiential marketing show a higher success rate than other approaches, not every experience is guaranteed to deliver a desirable outcome. Businesses can boost their odds by using the services of a qualified branding professional to create experiential campaigns that are most likely to succeed.

Creative Events That Leave a Positive Impression with Customers

At this point, marketers commonly incorporate some form of experiential advertising in their campaigns. What’s changing is the variety of paths that businesses take to ensure they leave an impression. Some effective ways you can create interactive branded experiences include:

  1. Celebrating milestones big and small
  2. Conducting online workshops and events
  3. Hosting contests and flash sales on social media
  4. Handing out swag at events and festivals
  5. Doing demos in public spaces
  6. Offering samples at local stores
  7. Taking advantage of special days from Earth Day to the Fourth

Keep in mind: the power of these types of experiences will lie in the small moments that leave lasting, positive associations with your name and your key messages.

A Presence in Public Spaces

Where is your target audience? Brands ranging from dating apps to branches of the military find ways to set up shop on university campuses to drive awareness. And there’s a reason for this. According to the website G2, 91% of consumers would be “more inclined to purchase a brand’s product or service after participating in a brand activation or experience.” Many respondents also reported feeling “more loyal” to brands once they’ve participated in something, which says a lot about the power of getting potential consumers more involved in any way you can.

How Experiential Branding Expert HYPTE Creates Success for Clients

There is a wide gap between events that create a splash and those that don’t. This is why HYPTE Branded Solutions has had the fortune of providing solutions for a roster of impressive brand names. Our team understands that words like “branding” and “experience” can be abstract when it comes to making real-world plans. For a bit more clarity, check out some examples of the highly creative and interactive approach to branding we have achieved for clients in the past:

  1. Creating ingenious bottle openers for Dos Equis that enticed customers at bars
  2. Helping BBC America rebrand a new show in a fun and engaging way
  3. Generating buzz through motorized “cooler scooters” for Coors Light
  4. Creating a variety of swag used at a Los Angeles Dodgers fan convention
  5. Producing tents, table covers, flags and custom changing tables for a Pampers event

Talk to the Specialists at HYPTE for the Best Experiential Marketing Solutions

As you can see, there’s no one way to be experiential. It requires a combination of processes to create the kinds of experiences that will match your messaging. At HYPTE Branded Solutions, we start by getting to know you, the client, and diving into your needs and business goals. Then we think outside of the box to produce highly innovative ideas that will tap into whatever it takes to create new fans. Contact HYPTE online, or talk to a branding specialist at 708-343-9730 about the best ways to start creating experiential branding today.