Think your branded merchandise doesn’t matter? Think again. Positive associations with even small memorabilia can have a surprisingly lasting and positive impact on how people view your business. Consumers themselves overwhelmingly believe a “promotional product is a great way to stand out from other advertising efforts,” according to a recent Gitnux study. They hold onto these items and “feel more positively about a brand after receiving promotional products from that brand.”

Top choices these days include fun yet practical items such as:

  • Clothing
  • Kitchen products
  • Umbrellas
  • Promotional bags
  • Mugs and other drinkware
  • Magnets

For some insight into what makes for successful branded merchandise, take a peek at the most relevant qualities that can help you build a loyal and engaged following:

High Quality Apparel

Always popular, it’s no surprise that apparel continues to be the number one type of branded merchandise. However, as the stakes get higher the quality of your apparel needs to be top notch. The days are gone when you could slap a logo on a plain, white T and call it a day. You need assurance of an appealing style, on-brand messaging, and superior look and feel before allowing any wearable products out the door.

Flash Buys

Looking for a more interactive way to generate enthusiasm and create a sense of exclusivity around your product? According to Popupsmart, “56% of businesses receive higher click-to-open rates from flash sales emails compared to their yearly rate. 50% of purchases occur during the first hour of a flash sale.” Spontaneous, short-term sales are a great way to take advantage of digitized marketing, as well as to make acquiring something new more fun and engaging for the consumer.

Sustainable Items

Anything showing you have your finger on the pulse of larger societal trends will make your brand stand out as fresh and in touch with average customers. One area that has grown exponentially is in sustainable products.

But consumers are more savvy than ever and won’t get sucked into a company’s “green” initiatives if their promises seem empty. It’s increasingly important to showcase your values, whatever they are. And you can appeal especially to younger demographics with items such as reusable straws, compostable bags, and anything else that shows you are on the cutting edge of environmentalism.

Products That Support Newer Technology

Remember when branded mouse pads were all the rage? That same idea needs to be updated to show you are in the know when it comes to technology. And considering the wide range of tech accessories, more companies are replacing those thumb drives with webcam covers, earbuds, and other helpful items prospective buyers can take on the road.

More Customization

One sure way to distinguish yourself from the masses is with carefully customized branded products that specifically match your company’s messaging. What this means is injecting a level of detailed creativity that make your branded goods stand out, whether through:

  1. High-end materials
  2. Textures and engraved messages
  3. Select colors
  4. Original designs

The extensive range of ways to tailor products these days is unprecedented. And more companies are discovering that to grow they need branded merchandise that distinguishes themselves from their competitors, from custom products to better packaging. A branding expert will learn about your business to craft unique ideas that reflect your individual voice, values, style and messaging.

Co-Branding, or Brand Collaborations with Popular, Recognizable Names

Being associated with universally recognized, popular name brands is a surefire way to increase your visibility. For over twenty years, Hypte Branded Solutions has helped thousands of clients target their ideal audience through swag carrying the logos of Patagonia, the NFL, Lululemon and more. To get the most bang for your buck, partner with an experienced branded solutions firm such as Hypte that can provide a wide range of options.

Consult with Branding Experts at HYPTE for the Best Merchandising Solutions

Investing in name brand items is one of the smartest decisions a growing business can make today. You are sure to impress when your specialized form of branded merch comes with a Nike or Ralph Lauren logo – as part of a broader solution provided by HYPTE Branded Solutions.

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